Saturday, January 17, 2009


Two urgent prayer requests:
Harper Brown Stamps - Harper was born to Kelly and Scott Stamps yesterday and is a very sick little girl. She has a serious case of pneumonia and has been transferred to St. Francis hospital in Tulsa. Because of the seriousness of her condition, they thought she would have to undergo a procedure called an EKMO. Here is an update from Kelly's blog: "Praise Jesus for He is good!!! Scott just called to tell me that he just went to see Harper and the nurse said she is not even on the list for bypass (ECMO) because the doctor thinks she is responding so well to what they are doing she may not even need it. We were told in not so many words yesterday that she may not survive at all and because of so many prayers all over the world - she is improving hour by hour."

Brayden Wiley - Brayden was born on Tuesday and developed breathing problems due to his lungs not being fully developed and was moved to the ICU of Willow Creek hospital in Johnson on Wednesday. On Wednesday night after further tests Brayden was diagnosed with a lung problem called PPHN. They decided he needed to be sent to the Children's Hospital in Little Rock and so around 2AM on Thursday morning, January 15th he was flown by Angel One Helicoptor to Little Rock. He also was to undergo the EKMO procedure but as of the latest update I've received, he too is showing improvement and they are waiting to see if he will improve further so they won't have to do it.

If you have an update on either of these precious babies, please email and I will post it.

Also, some of you know that I had some minor surgery yesterday. (I had my gall bladder removed.) Thank you for all of your prayers. The surgery went well and I am feeling pretty good. The doctor gave us 6 of the largest stones to take home (kinda wierd) and my husband says I should make a necklace! Ha!ha!

Remember the Stamps and Wiley families!

Lorrel Lyles


Barbara Gatlin said...

Mike and I are praying daily for the new Horton baby boy, and for little Harper. God is in control and He is an awesome, loving God. Both of these babies are part of our family as well, since we are all in God's family, our FBCB family and because we love them.