Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bible Studies and "The Gift"

Our new Bible studies have begun and they are all so good! The Monday night group is finishing Kathy Hedge's study, the Sunday afternoon group is doing Beth Moore's new study about Esther and the Tuesday morning group is doing the book "What In the World is Going One?" by David Jeremiah as well as Esther. If you are looking for a study this spring, please come and join us. It's not too late!
"The Gift" is going to be such a great ministry! We are so excited about giving our single mothers a few hours of "r and r" on Saturday morning, February 14th, from 9am-12noon. I have so much respect for these ladies! They do it all!
If you would like to help, we can use you. Please click here to volunteer. We already have a gentleman who is going to help us do some light maintenance on the mother's cars (check oil and fluids, change windshield wipers, etc.) and we are looking for some guys to serve on his team. We have someone who is coordinating a special brunch that the mothers will enjoy that morning. We also have a couple of ladies who are working on some decorations that will make Studio 412 look like a "spa." Oh! If you work for a vendor, or know someone who does and have a little "something" we can put in some goody bags to send home with our moms, please let us know!
BTW - did you see the moon tonight? It's beautiful!