Monday, April 6, 2009

Ladies' Night Out Was Fun!

We had a wonderful time last Thursday during Ladies' Night Out! It was a great time to visit with ladies we know - and a great time to meet new ones! We played bunco and even those who didn't know how to play learned quickly - thanks to Cindy Knipple's patient instructions. Lots of door prizes were given away. Don't you just love door prizes?? And probably the best part was the snacks. Each table had a couple of bowls on it filled with all kinds of goodies. You might have Chex Mix and M&M's at one table and peanuts and jellybeans on another! Hmmmmm! Fun!!

I almost forgot, if you got a bunco, you got to wear a lovely black boa!! Most didn't get to wear it long. (smile)
We hope to have another Ladies' Night Out again soon so if you missed it this time, don't worry, you can join us for the next night of fun!